Kaitlyn Luckow


Blog & Article Writing

I write SEO-driven blog posts and articles for companies and publications. I provide well-researched, professionally-edited, and engaging content for their platforms.


I create authentic and genuine copy for organizations and people in order to successfully tell the story of them and/or their businesses. I write copy for websites and social media.

With my educational background, I specialize in helping experts and creatives create educational content to sell online. If you’re thinking about expanding your business, I can help you plan, write, design, and publish webinars and e-books.


I help edit all genres of copy ranging from website content, resumes & cover letters, and creative writing.


I believe in the power of photography to help you feel seen and your story heard.

I believe that my job is more than just standing behind a lens. My job is to listen. To learn. To connect.

I believe in telling your genuine story. Each and every one of you have an incredibly powerful, moving, and inspiring story to tell. Let’s tell it!

I am based in Portland, OR, but my soul is always traveling. Nothing would make me happier than to go on an adventure to see you.


Weddings, Family & Couples

Sessions start at $250


Portraits & Bloggers

Sessions start at $150


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Being photographed by Kaitlyn was so fun and she really helped make me feel comfortable in front of the camera. She has such a sweet presence and you just feel like you’re hanging out with a friend, not being photographed by a stranger. Highly recommend!
Loved working with Kaitlyn, she had great energy and was very open minded. We did some experimental shots which were a lot of fun and turned out super rad! I could tell during the shoot that Kaitlyn utterly loves what she does, and that helped set the tone for the shoot.
Always comfortable, and enjoyable!