Kaitlyn Luckow


No Cookies in the Break Room—House Fur Happy Hour Podcast!

I first met Ren & Caleb of House Fur and Studio 29 Photography on Instagram. Honestly, that’s where I’ve made all of my adult friends. No shame in that!

We first met over brunch and immediately it was apparent to Alex and I that, yup, these were our people. After another spontaneous meeting at a local bar/taco truck, we decided to go on a trip to Iceland together. Which…is totally normal, right?

Ever since, Ren & Caleb have been a huge source of genuine friendship and support in my life and it makes my soul so happy. So when they asked me to be on their podcast, of course I said “HELL YEAH!”

We recorded this episode over vodka tonics with dogs at our feet and I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it. It was my first crack at podcasting and I’m already itching to do it again.

Things We Talk About In This Episode:

  • Some of our favorite sources of inspiration

  • The best and worst parts of being an entrepreneur and how they’re mostly the same things

  • Things you need to do in order to succeed as an entrepreneur

  • How to ignore what others think about you

Some Of My Favorite Tid-Bits:

  • “It’s so easy to blame someone else immediately. That’s like our gut instinct…and I’m definitely guilty of that. I’ve done that before, but I need to check myself when I do that. Because it’s not helping anyone else. It’s not helping the person you’re blaming and it’s certainly not helping you to just put the blame on someone else because you’re not growing. Once you put the blame on someone else, you’re just stagnant.“

  • “You can feel a sense of accomplishment for completing a task. If it deserves an actual congratulations, you’ll get it. There is somebody out there that is going to recognize that. You don’t need to give it to yourself. If you do need that little confidence…that’s fine. But also recognizing that something bad that may have happened was probably a direct result of something you did; recognizing what you could have done differently to avoid that happening is just as important as giving yourself a pat on the back for those little wins.”

  • “I felt like when I was putting stuff out there, it had to be perfect. For a long time, I was really scared to be seen…I wish I had not been so afraid of judgement. I know i’m still learning to deal with it today…People are going to judge me and they’re not going to judge me. And they’re going to say mean things and they’re going to say nice things. And regardless, if I spend time caring about it or worrying about it, it’s going to happen. So why not just do what I want to do, and say what I want to say, and put out what I want to put out because that makes me feel good. And I know that it’s true to me.”