Kaitlyn Luckow


Why You Should Book A Photoshoot For Yourself

Many people don’t think of hiring a professional photographer to take their portraits unless they have a “reason” to do so. This reason may be an engagement, headshots, senior photos, etc., but the only reason that you need to do it is because you WANT to do it.

And even if you don’t necessarily want to do it right now, I’m going to tell you today why you SHOULD book a portrait session for yourself in order to celebrate yourself, feel empowered, and tell your story.


You should be celebrated

I think a lot of people wait to hire a photographer until something “big” happens in their life that they want to celebrate: an engagement, a pregnancy, a wedding, etc. And those are all awesome and exciting things.

But guess what? You deserve to be celebrated ALL the time.

Did you just get a promotion? Hell yeah, you should celebrate that. Just defended your thesis? You bet your butt, we’re going to make you look like the badass that you are. Did you get out of bed today despite every atom in your body telling you not to? That’s HUGE! Let’s celebrate that.

I think that there is such an emphasis to celebrate “big” events in our lives that we forget to celebrate the events that matter just as much to our daily lives.

I hate the thought that people can only book photoshoots when they get married or have children. What about people who choose not to be married or have children? They deserve just as much celebration as anyone else.

So, let’s celebrate.



You will feel empowered

On top of celebrating you for simply being you, I want to make sure that you feel empowered.

Most of the time, when I’m shooting with someone for the first time, they’re incredibly nervous. It may be their first time in front of a camera or it may be the first time they’ve ever shot with a professional photographer. I get it. I’m also not a huge fan of standing in front of a camera and feeling the pressure to “perform” in some way.

But that’s the thing, you don’t need to perform in any way. You simply need to be your incredible self. It’s the photographer’s job to do the rest, not you.

After you stand in front of the camera for a few minutes, you’re going to feel more comfortable. I guarantee it. And hopefully you’ll feel comfortable after a little while of just talking to your photographer.

Even if you go into your shoot feeling nervous and like you’re not “good enough” to be photographed, by the end of the shoot, you will have proven yourself wrong.

And honestly, there’s nothing more empowering than facing your insecurities head-on and punching them in the face.


You can express yourself

Photography is a form of self-expression and portraiture specifically is the ultimate form of self-expression—especially if it’s you in front of the lens.

As a subject of a photoshoot, you can work with your photographer in order to determine how you will be seen in your portraits.

Do you want to express the feeling of loneliness? We can play with shadows and black and white. Want to feel powerful? Let’s do a fashion/editorial shoot!

The possibilities of telling your story are infinite.



You will see yourself in a new light

When you get your photos back, you may be surprised. You may not even recognize yourself! Gasp!

I’ve had a lot of clients tell me that seeing their photos made them see themselves in a new light. That story that you were telling in front of the lens? That story wasn’t just for others to see. That was for you to see as well.



Do you want to celebrate you? Do you want to tell your story? I want to help you.