Kaitlyn Luckow


How To Write An Effective About Me Page

I think a lot of us are in the same boat in that we all hate talking about ourselves. This is especially apparent when we sit down and have to write an “About Me” page. 

I’ve talked to so many business owners and creatives who have no trouble making a website, but once it comes to having to write an “About Me” page, they freeze. 

And I TOTALLY get it. Trust me, it’s such an odd (and sometimes awkward) thing to do.  

It seems to strange to have to reduce our entire life-story into just a few paragraphs on a page. But, I want to walk you through how to create one in the most painless way possible. 
Not only will this make your “About Page” easier to write, but it will also help you land more potential clients and followers of your work. 


So, let’s dive on in: 


This is the big bulk of your About Me page: the stuff about yourself. When you’re writing an About Me page, think of breaking it off into three mini-sections that address these three things:  

  • Background

  • Why you’re passionate about your work

  • Accomplishments & Career Highlights



In your background, you should talk about how you got to where you are today. Everyone loves to read a good origin story, it’s why Marvel movies are so popular. Tell yours. Where did you come from? How did you get here? What other paths have you been down before?  


Why You’re Passionate About Your Work  

In my opinion, this is the most important part of your entire page because it’s going to set you apart from everyone else. There are a lot of photographers out there, but what is going to set you apart from everyone else is your passion. Tell us your mission, what lights you up, and what difference you hope to make through your work.  


Accomplishments & Career Highlights 

This part is going to give you credibility and allow the reader to fully trust in you and your skills. Here, you can post about awards you’ve won, if your work has been published anywhere, if you’ve been featured anywhere, clients you’ve worked with, etc.  

I find that a lot of people skip this section of their About Me page because they don’t want to come off as being too conceited. Screw that! This is your time to brag about yourself! Do it! Be proud of everything you’ve accomplished; you’re amazing.  


Throughout all of this, you shouldn’t be afraid to get personal. Now, I don’t mean to tell everyone your deep and dark secrets, but you should inject your words with your personality. 

You can do this by putting your own voice into your words. Use language that you would actually use on a daily basis. Think about personality traits that you identify with and put them into your description. Think about if you’re: optimistic, educational, witty, sassy, etc. These little quirks will set you apart. 

If you’re having trouble with this, I would receommend that you sit down and record yourself talking through your About Page. This will help you put in words that you actually use into your writing. 

Also, don’t be afraid to add little details about yourself as well. For example, if you say that you have a dog, tell us what kind of dog you have and their name. Or if you like watching TV in your free time, tell us what your favorite show is  to binge.  

These personal details will help your readers connect with you on a deeper level than if you just gave them surface-level facts. 

It also may want them to connect with you more. For example, I know that if anyone says something like, “I love watching The Office”, I’m going to immediatley want to be their best friend. 



You should have an image of yourself on your About Page. You really, really should. People are going to connect with you more if they can see your face than if they just see a random stock photo. 

When choosing a photo you want to use on your About Page, you need to make sure that you use one that will have the most positive impact for you. Here are some things to consider: 

  • If you want to welcome people in, don’t post photo of you staring off into the sunset. If I see the back of your head, I’m not going to feel close to you. In fact, I’m going to feel like you’re shutting me out.

  • Make sure it fits with your brand. If your brand is more moody, maybe incorporate some shadows or a dark edit with your photo. If you’re more light and fun, make sure you’re smiling and having a good time in your photo. For goodness sakes, don’t build a brand off of moody photography and then post a photo of you surrounded by rainbows and confetti.

  • Look at the camera. This may be uncomfortable (and it’s something I’m working on, for sure), but try to look directly into the camera for your shot. This way, people will feel welcome and like they’re a part of the conversation versus if you were staring off or not looking directly at your audience.



These are all key strategies for you to implement into your own About Me pages. If you’re still stuck and need some sources of inspiration (I know it always helps me to see some samples) here are some examples of About Me pages that I think are successful and why I think they work so well. 

 House Fur



I think that this  about page is so effective because it provides details about their life, their journey to where they are now, and how they want to SERVE their audience. This allows people to become interested in House Fur (Ren & Caleb) while also trusting them to teach them skills they want to learn based on their experience. 



I love Angie (+ Meatball)’s About Page because it is welcoming and has the perfect balance of remaining professional while also adding in touches of Angie’s personality. I also love the fact that it showcases the WHY behind her business and her mission and why that aligns with her beliefs. This helps her audience connect with her on a deeply personal level, especially if her audience is passionate about the same causes she is. It takes you from being just a customer to a friend and ally.  


Dapper & Wise  


I love Dapper & Wise’s  About Page because it makes me respect them as a coffee roaster, it clearly shows that they are intentional about their craft and work, and has a sarcastic sense of humor mixed in. It makes me not only want to buy their coffee, but to sit down with them and have a cup of coffee. Needless to say, it’s absolutely brilliant. 


I hope that this has helped ease some of the worry behind writing your own About Me page. If you already have an About Me page, take a look back at it and see if you can make any changes based on the information you learned! 


If you want to get a FREE download on an “About Me” page worksheet so you can plan and place your entire About Me page in one place, get your copy here!