Kaitlyn Luckow


Enneagram Type Writing Prompts


I am right with you and the rest of the world—I am obsessed with the Enneagram Test. After taking the test (which you can take here or here) and reading more about my number (this book comes highly recommended), I felt so seen. I know it’s crazy, but I resonated with such a silly combination of numbers so much (a 2w3 over here). 

And I know I’m not alone. I’ve seen so many people go through a phase of self-discovery over the last few months and I wanted to add to this journey in some way.

For me, self-discovery has always been the most profound through writing. I usually discover things I didn’t even realize about myself until I write them down onto paper. It’s wild what writing can do to open your heart to your own thoughts.

So, I decided to create writing prompts based on every single Enneagram type. These writing prompts were created by researching each type and learning what inspires, motivates, and challenges each type.

I challenge you to take ten minutes today to sit down with a pen, paper, and a cup of tea and discover something new about yourself.


Type One

Type Ones are dedicated to making the world a better place. However, with that comes the baggage of expecting perfection within themselves and others. What is something that you need to give yourself more slack over? Why is it okay to not be perfect?


Type Two

Type Twos are always helping and taking care of others because they genuinely care, but also because they fear that if they don’t, they won’t be loveable. How are you worthy in your simplest state? Even without helping others, how are you enough?


Type Three

Type Threes are great motivators to others and achieve greatness because of that. However, this pressure to do great things can be overwhelming and cause threes to doubt themselves if they don’t accomplish every goal they set forth. What goals haven’t you accomplished in your life and what GOOD came out of not achieving those goals?


Type Four

Type Fours are self-aware, creative individuals who often feel different from everyone else. This can lead to them feeling alienated and question their identity. How are you different from everyone else and how are you similar to others? What threads weave you together with others?


Type Five

Type Fives are curious and intelligent, driven by a desire to know how and why things work (basically, they’re Ravenclaws). Sometimes though, fives are terrified by what they’re unable to find answers for, because it makes them feel uncomfortable or even incompetent. What are you currently avoiding focusing on? Why are you afraid to explore that area of your life?


Type Six

Type Sixes are dedicated to defending their beliefs and those that they love. But they put their beliefs and others before themselves, giving loyalty to others rather than themselves. What are some concrete ways that you can show loyalty and dedication to yourself this year?


Type Seven

Type Sevens are spontaneous and adventurous, often juggling multiple passions at once. This can lead to overwhelm and the feeling of not finding a life-purpose. What are some ways that you can bring balance to your life? What is something that has set light to your soul throughout your life?


Type Eight

Type Eights are natural leaders with high levels of charisma and persistence. Type Eights want to feel in control of their surroundings, but can struggle with feelings of being misunderstood. What are some emotions that you wish you had expressed to others in the past, but have been too afraid to? How can you express those emotions on an every day basis?


Type Nine

Type Nines are dedicated to helping others and trying to make everything right in the world. However, because of this support, type nines can tend to be taken advantage of by others—especially in friendships. Who is someone in your past that has taken advantage of your kindness, but hasn’t returned it? How can you avoid these toxic relationships in the future? Why are you worth more?


What Enneagram type are you? What did you write about? Share in the comments below, I would love to hear!