Kaitlyn Luckow



Hello! It’s so wonderful to see you here!

I’m Kaitlyn and I am a freelance writer and photographer. My roots are in education and I was a high-school English teacher for five years before taking the leap to follow my passion for increasing compassion and understanding through storytelling in writing and photography.

I believe in the ability of writing and photography as a vehicle for empathy. In order to tell stories that unite, I believe in the power of well-crafted writing, honest copy, professionally-edited content, and creating images that connect.

At my core, my purpose is as an educator and I strongly believe in lifting others up. We are not each other’s competition and I want to share all of my resources with other creatives. I hope to encourage confidence and to help people embrace their strengths and feel less alone in this world.

When I’m not writing or photographing, you can find me daydreaming about my next trip with my husband and cuddling with our Australian Shepherd with a good book and doughnut in hand.

I can’t wait to meet all of you and help you tell your story.